Throwing An On-The-Clock Party

During the day at work you have to be professional, but work doesn’t always have to be about work. There are work parties on occasion where you can let your hair down.
Work parties include the occasional birthday party of a boss or co-worker depending on company policies, an office event party and the all-important and well known Christmas party. Depending on the company and its policies, there could be more occasions to throw parties or there might not be office parties thrown at all.

There are a lot of things to organise in order to throw a work party. There is deciding where to have it (at a restaurant, a pub, a motel/hotel or function centre), deciding whether there is going to be food there and what type of food (best pub food in Sydney, courses or meals), deciding whether taxis will be organised for people to get home, who to invite and how to decorate.

All of these things to do are obviously important, some more important than others or can be done by others. However decorating the venue is also an important job and you may have to do it yourself. Decorating the venue may involve helping the venue staff put the decorations together. This can involve putting out tables and chairs, putting tablecloths on the tables, putting up company flags, streamers that match the company colour scheme, putting gift bags on a table and placing corporate balloons around the venue.
Corporate balloons and other balloon decorations for the work party can easily be found and custom made at balloon or party stores. Balloon party stores usually provide a fixed rate to customers for a certain amount of balloons as part of a package deal. For example a package deal could be 500 balloons for $800. Package deals can vary from a single balloon to 1000 balloons. Some package deals can include matching ribbons and delivery to the venue. Look here for further information regarding craft beer in Surry Hills.

Some balloon and party stores can make custom made balloons. This is especially handy is the work party is themed or for corporate and/or marketing events to promote the company. For example if 200 balloons with the company logo are needed.

Balloon stores as well as party stores for other work party decorations can be found anywhere in Australia. These stores can be found in capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Darwin to regional and rural areas and country towns. Some stores will have fixed rates, package deals, tailored package deals as well as delivery prices and deadlines for orders. All of these factors depend on individual stores and their policies.

For your work party—casual, corporate or black tie, you won’t have too much trouble fulfilling your party, balloon and decoration needs with the amount of stores out there.