Keeping Your Workplace Energetic And Lively

A lot of employers find it extremely challenging to keep their employees happy and enthusiastic about work and keep them motivated. Actually in practice this is not really a matter to stress upon. It is only a matter of making your employees feel excited about coming to work every day and spending time with you and their colleagues. Most employees start off feeling excited and enthusiastic. But with time the job gets monotonous and the work becomes boring resulting in high staff turnover within companies. So here are a few tips that you can follow if you want to keep your work place alive and full of energy.

Pleasing surroundings

More than three quarters of your employees’ time is spent working in their office. Therefore creating a friendly and a peaceful environment is essential to keep you employees motivated. Keep enough space between work stations and do not let the employees get a crammed up feeling. Do not expose your employees to harsh fluorescent lights. Keep the work place look more casual and include casual furniture like a sofa or a sitting area to make your employees feel more relaxed. They don’t need to be stuck behind a desk all day.

Food is a good incentive

Your employees will definitely be motivated to come to work if there was some food waiting for them. You can install a good office coffee machines to reduce the number of times they’ll be stepping out of the office. You could bring in pizza once in a while, have a pizza day or a potluck day, bring in a cake or cupcakes on an employee’s birthday or you could even have a random round of ice cream during office time for a change.

Recognize and reward

Anybody would love to hear well about themselves. If you think your employees did a good job at something don’t ever forget to recognize their efforts. Reward them in some way. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a monetary incentive. You could have small and casual staff meetings for example near the automatic coffee equipment, once in a week and while having a cup of coffee sit back and talk of the progress and problems of your employees. This way, you could bond more with them and create healthy and personal relationships with your staff.

Have a casual dress day

All employees would love to get rid of the formal attire they wear every single day and shift to a more comfortable and relaxed outfit. So you can institute a dress down day or a casual dress day for every Friday and even have random casual wear days on special occasions. Even having a theme day; for example have Mexican food and Mexican music on a particular day would be a great idea too.