Here’s Why Burgers Are Awesome

Burgers aren’t the fanciest food out there, that’s for sure. They are cheaper than most other food types, and they don’t have a heritage that is worth yelling about. They don’t go hand in hand with anything that resembles a healthy and nutritious diet or with a lot of exercise. They are, in fact, one of the greasiest and most fattening foods to ever have been a part of this world. There are many types of burger, of course. All of them have variants of the name burger, and are typically nothing to write home about in terms of fanciness. These are all the points that the people too good for this food use to hurt it and put down the people who love the burger in all its forms. The truth? These points are what make it amazing.
Not expensive, fancy nor are they rareNow, this is not strictly true. In some restaurants you could find that a breakfast burger costs as much as a new set of tools. This is because they tend to replace parts of the burger with more expensive things. For example, the ketchup is replaced with some sort of handmade relish from the far reaches of the Sudan or some other baloney of the same type. Some places actually ask you to use cutlery to eat your burger. This is simply not done. If you have decided to use a knife and a fork to eat a hamburger, you do not deserve to be touching the holy grail of unhealthy food. In fact, the burger needs to be filing a restraining order against your disrespectful behind. The very fact that you can hold a burger and not look like a savage while eating it makes it one of the most beautiful creations in existence.
You can’t have a burger and work out tooDo you love your daily breakfast burger more than you do the waist size of your pants? Well, you are in luck. Okay, maybe this isn’t the best advice. Obesity is a very real problem and you need to work against it at all times. However, if you are the type of person who has meal days where you ignore the healthy diet and go for something greasier, the burger is for you. It is the ultimate way to eat, sit back and feel like the fattest person in the world after a single portion.
Throw the chips in as well and you can rest at night feeling like the Maharajah that couldn’t move off his throne of velvet cushions.