Christmas Offerings In The Australia Food Scene

For those who are exploring the food scene in Australia in Christmas will probably come up with certain features or characteristics that distinguish it from the Christmas offerings that are seen in the other part of the globe. It could also have something to do with the fact that, this country has summer when everywhere it is either snowing or freezing. Hence, the roasted meats might take a back seat as well as barbeque events in this country as it is a bit too hot for these traditions in this country at this time of the year.

Christmas meals
When you are in Australia you will probably be looking at lighter festive meals. Hence, the heavy ham and turkey meat dishes will be replaced by salads that are designed to fit the occasion. These are usually flavored with ingredients like cherries, pavlovas, prawns and other ingredients. It would also differ from region to region and if you are by the seaside, you would probably be exploring the cuisine at the best seafood restaurants.

Lunches instead of dinner
The concept of Christmas Eve dinners is not as popular as the lunches. As the summer time means the popularity of drinks like beer, the dinners give way to lunch, which come with mugs of beer on the side, served even at the best seafood restaurant in Melbourne. If you are planning to spend Christmas in this country, you need to gear up to go out for Christmas lunch rather than bank on a large Christmas Eve feast with a multitude of meats.

European traditions with a difference
Visitors to this region will notice that European traditions are celebrated mostly in this country, but there are certain changes and variations, probably introduced due to the seasonal differences and cultural differences in the region.

Certain Aussie Christmas dishes
Everything said here are some unique dishes that one can look up and add to their list of Christmas dishes, inspired by the Aussie traditions. For instance, serving a whole leg of ham that is made up of lamb will be surely a novelty. Smoked and cured lamb is used in this preparation. The next item to consider is the sausages that are served to make up for the barbeque dishes that this region misses out at this time of the year. The sausage packs come with cranberry and turkey meat combination or prawn and smoked ham as well as dried fruit and lamb. Seafood platters cannot be given a miss when you are in Australia or cooking up an Australian inspired menu and so is the ice cream version of the Christmas pudding which is perfect for a summery Christmas, if you are celebrating it below the equatorial line.