Choose Dishes According To The Occasion

There is a saying that a woman can win over her man’s heart through his stomach. This theory holds well in the case of any kind of events where delicious foods have to be served. No matter you are organizing a birthday party or wedding anniversary or thanksgiving dinner or business meet, if the occasion calls for celebration, then it cannot be successful without tasty treats for the stomach. Any guest attending a function will be looking forward to what he or she will be entertained with at the dinner table or buffet counter.

Meaty Feast

The food platters in Sydney that you arrange at a high class occasion have to suit the occasion. They should be one that is a visual treat for the eyes of the guests and will drive them to instantly indulge with what is served on their plate.

• It is important for you to have meat dishes for the main course and the meat platter must be one that really grabs the attention of the guest.

• It should be having thin sliced hams, lean sliced chicken breast or wings and roasted beef.

• You can also roll the meat to various shapes to go with the theme of the party. It is important to have these rolls thrust with toothpicks to give it a bite size look.

• Make sure that you arrange dips, sauces, fresh fruits and nuts on the plate to make it look tasty and yummy.


One of the best ways to attract the guests at the dinner table is by coming out with delicious and attractive looking sandwich food platters. This is a favorite dish for both the young and the old and you can be very creative with this dish. You can play with the sauces, cheese and all kinds of stuffs to make the sandwiches a favorite during the party. It is important for you to make it look very pleasing for the eyes. This can be done by creating borders, ornaments and add-ons on the side of the platter. You can use different and contrasting fillings in the sandwiches to give it a distinct taste, flavor and look.

Fruits are a must

As the fruits and the veggies have natural and radiant colors, it is very important to have them arranged on a plate for most occasions. There is no better and healthy dessert that you can indulge your guests with than an array of fruits. You can arrange various types of fruits on a plate covered with silver or aluminum foil to make it attractive. Arrange your favorite fruits on the plate and ensure that you keep a yummy dip in the center of the plate.


There is no doubt that better arrangements, styling and flavor are the important things that you need to consider when serving delicious foods at a party.