How To Be The Best Maid Of Honour Ever

If your best friend in the whole wild world is getting married and has just asked you to be her maid of honour, no doubt you are super excited for her! As maid of honour your duties are many fold and you will have lots of things to take care of, all while making sure your best friend has the tie of her life during the planning of and the actual day of the wedding. Here are some tips on how you can help make things easy and fun!

Ease her burden

Your best friend probably has a lot on her plate. From booking venues, to making decisions about catering, décor, cake and guest lists it is very easy and likely that she will get stressed out. It is your duty to help her through this and calm her down when things get crazy. One of the easiest ways in which you can help is to offer to take something off her plate. It could be something simple like run errands for her or even to offer to address invites or wrap wedding cake. Offering to help in whatever capacity you can will definitely ease her burden. Browse this article if you are looking for right function room for your wedding.

Plan her hen’s night

One of the chief duties of the maid of honour is to plan a hen’s night for the bride. Now a hen’s night could be anything from a night out visiting bars or a more relaxed spa weekend.

Regardless of what your plan for her hen’s night is, remember to hold it at least a week before the wedding, especially if the plan involves a night out on the town visiting bars in Surry Hills. No one want to go into a wedding tired or hung over so it is best to hold the party early – so that the week of the wedding can be more relaxed. You could make a weekend out of it, where your best girlfriends get together for a cozy and relaxing weekend away, with great food and company. You can rest, relax and then maybe go out in the evening if you feel up for it. If a party is more the bride’s style, organise some great food including cake, cupcakes and pizza and have some games that everyone can take part in, like making a wedding dress out of toilet paper. The idea is to unwind and have fun.

Give a speech

Finally, you will need to give a speech at her wedding. Keep it short and sweet. Throw in a funny anecdote or two about your childhood and wish her and her husband the very best of luck!