Choose Dishes According To The Occasion

There is a saying that a woman can win over her man’s heart through his stomach. This theory holds well in the case of any kind of events where delicious foods have to be served. No matter you are organizing a birthday party or wedding anniversary or thanksgiving dinner or business meet, if the occasion calls for celebration, then it cannot be successful without tasty treats for the stomach. Any guest attending a function will be looking forward to what he or she will be entertained with at the dinner table or buffet counter.

Meaty Feast

The food platters in Sydney that you arrange at a high class occasion have to suit the occasion. They should be one that is a visual treat for the eyes of the guests and will drive them to instantly indulge with what is served on their plate.

• It is important for you to have meat dishes for the main course and the meat platter must be one that really grabs the attention of the guest.

• It should be having thin sliced hams, lean sliced chicken breast or wings and roasted beef.

• You can also roll the meat to various shapes to go with the theme of the party. It is important to have these rolls thrust with toothpicks to give it a bite size look.

• Make sure that you arrange dips, sauces, fresh fruits and nuts on the plate to make it look tasty and yummy.


One of the best ways to attract the guests at the dinner table is by coming out with delicious and attractive looking sandwich food platters. This is a favorite dish for both the young and the old and you can be very creative with this dish. You can play with the sauces, cheese and all kinds of stuffs to make the sandwiches a favorite during the party. It is important for you to make it look very pleasing for the eyes. This can be done by creating borders, ornaments and add-ons on the side of the platter. You can use different and contrasting fillings in the sandwiches to give it a distinct taste, flavor and look.

Fruits are a must

As the fruits and the veggies have natural and radiant colors, it is very important to have them arranged on a plate for most occasions. There is no better and healthy dessert that you can indulge your guests with than an array of fruits. You can arrange various types of fruits on a plate covered with silver or aluminum foil to make it attractive. Arrange your favorite fruits on the plate and ensure that you keep a yummy dip in the center of the plate.


There is no doubt that better arrangements, styling and flavor are the important things that you need to consider when serving delicious foods at a party.

 Unseen Drawbacks When Running A Restaurant

Owning and operating a restaurant is no easy task. It may seem for a while but keeping up with the demands of the consumers are quite a challenge. Regardless of how responsible you are in the restaurant premise and no matter how extensively the staff are been trained, the nature of the restaurant is such that accidents can happen when you least expect it. With important guests filling up and trained staff in the kitchenette, you need to be on alert at all times to expect the unexpected and how to ensure the safety of your business.

Let’s start with the external premise and the parking lot
It is crucial that your restaurant arranges proper parking facilities for the customers. Failure to do so will result in those customers finding alternate restaurants that offer ample parking facility. Many modern outdoor restaurants in Hong Kong offer excellent valet parking services for the customers. It offer the prospective consumers convenience which will keep them coming back for more.

These modern outdoor restaurants in Hong Kong take necessary measures in keeping the customer car keys in a secured location to avoid any mishaps from taking place.

Moving in to the Dining and Bar
It has been recorded that the most repetitive type of accident is the slip and fall injury caused by either oversight, negligent or under the influence of alcohol. If the restaurants do operate a bar make sure it has the necessary liquor insurance as measures for any injuries caused. Many consumers would complain against food poisoning or food borne illnesses when operating a restaurant. Hence always make sure that the food is been prepared following the cleanliness guidelines that are instructed at all time. Most of the time food borne illness are due to salmonella breakout which is triggered by undercooked meals. Staff need to be trained effectively when handling, preparing and storing food items, check this best alfresco restaurant.

The core kitchen
It is always unpredictable when an accident can take place especially on busy dinning night. However it is possible to be prepared and take measures in covering the losses and mitigating the possible dangers from taking place. Statistically it has been proven that many of the accidents has started from the kitchen whilst cooking. There can be many causes for unexpected disasters such as, electrical malfunctions, misuse and unclean equipments. Make sure there is a routine present to clearing up the kitchen gear and filters to avoid the accidents from taking place. Follow up with extinguisher systems and alarm systems if they are in order at routine intervals.

 How To Enjoy A Quality Meal

When was the last time you decided to go out for a meal and enjoy some time away from your busy work schedules? You probably don’t remember the last time you went out for a meal because you haven’t had the time to leave your work place even for half an hour to enjoy a quality meal. From the time you get to work you have so much to handle that it doesn’t even cross your mind that you should take some time off work at least during your lunch break and go out for meal because getting out of your office for even half an hour and enjoying a meal can do wonders to your stress levels.

Many menus to choose from

There is nothing more important than relieving yourself of stress and enjoying a meal in a hotel or place of your choice. Even your family doctor will tell you to get out of your office once in a while and enjoy a meal at your favourite hotel or food outlet. Many of us have preferences when it comes to food. However if you are a beef or fish eater you can make a visit to the Hong Kong steak house which is popular for its many menus and enjoy a quality meal. This type of food outlet will also give you the option of choosing a salad of your choice. These eating joints will also serve soft drinks and even liquor if required. However it would be wise to not drink liquor if you happen to go out for lunch on a weekday and while taking a break from work, check this delivery in Sheung Wan.

Weekend meal

However for those of you who prefer to take some time off on a weekend and go out for a meal with your family and friends you can always go to Saturday brunch restaurants. This type of eating places has become very popular among the public because they are always open on weekends and have a variety of menus to choose from. Also remember that such eating places will be open till late at lunch time because they cater to those of you who haven’t had the time to have your breakfast and want to have your breakfast and lunch together.

Home delivery

Most of these hotels and eating places are situated in convenient locations and are not difficult to find. But remember to choose an eating joint that prepares their food in a hygenic manner. Most of these hotels will have an online booking system where you can make your reservations online or even have your meal delivered to your home if necessary.


 How To Start Your Own Food Business

If you study about the most profitable industries in the world you will surely find the food industry among them. No matter where you travel in the world you will find out that the industry of food is one that is most profitable. Due to this reason many people like to invest their money in this fast growing industry. There are many people who are involved in the field. If you are hoping to start a food business you need to know some of the key factors that will surely drive you towards success.

Before you start a food business one thing you need to know is that location matters a lot. That is why you need to be extra careful when you choose a location for your food business. If you are living in Wollongong you must have identified how the best cafes in Wollongong are located strategically among the busy streets where so many companies are functioning. When you are selecting a location you need to be wise in targeting a selected crowd. When you place your location near many other businesses, you may be able to cater to the office crowd. Many people who work in offices do not have a lot of time to have lunch so they choose to go to the nearest café for a meal. If you can place your business in such a location you can improve faster because you will hardly lack customers. 

Next up, you need to have an exceptional menu that will give your customers a new food experience. If you look through your area, many cafés in Wollongong serve similar kind of meals. There is no uniqueness or anything extraordinary about the menus they offer. If you can work on a good menu it can surely attract many customers to your place. If you want to keep expanding your business then you should keep updating your menu. When you keep changing it, by adding new dishes and recipes your customers will find your café interesting and exciting. You may not be able to do it on your own. You will need the help of a professional chef to create a menu that is unique and different. When your restaurant or café serves different types of dishes it gives you a distinction among your competitors.

You need to be very careful when you hire a certified chefs. Although there are many chefs that may seem qualified, simply qualifications alone will not make a great chef. He/she needs to be equipped in exceptional culinary skills and vast food knowledge to create recipes that are truly unique and excellent. Hence they need to work with professionalism in the kitchen to improve smooth running of the business.

 Christmas Offerings In The Australia Food Scene

For those who are exploring the food scene in Australia in Christmas will probably come up with certain features or characteristics that distinguish it from the Christmas offerings that are seen in the other part of the globe. It could also have something to do with the fact that, this country has summer when everywhere it is either snowing or freezing. Hence, the roasted meats might take a back seat as well as barbeque events in this country as it is a bit too hot for these traditions in this country at this time of the year.

Christmas meals
When you are in Australia you will probably be looking at lighter festive meals. Hence, the heavy ham and turkey meat dishes will be replaced by salads that are designed to fit the occasion. These are usually flavored with ingredients like cherries, pavlovas, prawns and other ingredients. It would also differ from region to region and if you are by the seaside, you would probably be exploring the cuisine at the best seafood restaurants.

Lunches instead of dinner
The concept of Christmas Eve dinners is not as popular as the lunches. As the summer time means the popularity of drinks like beer, the dinners give way to lunch, which come with mugs of beer on the side, served even at the best seafood restaurant in Melbourne. If you are planning to spend Christmas in this country, you need to gear up to go out for Christmas lunch rather than bank on a large Christmas Eve feast with a multitude of meats.

European traditions with a difference
Visitors to this region will notice that European traditions are celebrated mostly in this country, but there are certain changes and variations, probably introduced due to the seasonal differences and cultural differences in the region.

Certain Aussie Christmas dishes
Everything said here are some unique dishes that one can look up and add to their list of Christmas dishes, inspired by the Aussie traditions. For instance, serving a whole leg of ham that is made up of lamb will be surely a novelty. Smoked and cured lamb is used in this preparation. The next item to consider is the sausages that are served to make up for the barbeque dishes that this region misses out at this time of the year. The sausage packs come with cranberry and turkey meat combination or prawn and smoked ham as well as dried fruit and lamb. Seafood platters cannot be given a miss when you are in Australia or cooking up an Australian inspired menu and so is the ice cream version of the Christmas pudding which is perfect for a summery Christmas, if you are celebrating it below the equatorial line.

 Reasons To Choose A Catering Service For An Office Party

There are many business entities that will prefer to reward their customers or their employees with a party. Giving a party for a huge people’s group can be quite costly, but there are many options that can assist you to save your money, time, and not disrupt the daily office’s workflow. By taking help of catering service, you will be capable of serving your workers food and beverages all through the day, without having to interrupt their efficiency.

There are several reasons why you must think about hiring an office catering in Melbourne service to cater your business events. Here are top three reasons why it is the best idea to hire a professional service for the event as they can give competitive pricing, peace of mind, and handle the event in a specialized manner.
Pricing – In its place of taking all of your workers to a pricey restaurant or buying large amounts of food from a local eatery, you can select to have a wonderful catering service come to your workplace and present you with a variety of options to select from, for a comparatively low price.
Presentation – When taking service of a professional catering company, the main thing that you will check when hiring a company is their professionalism level that they take while doing their job. The quality of food that the company will bring to your workplace will come ready to supply, and in case you prefer to rent tables for the occasion, the catering service provider will arrange the tables in a specialized manner to adequately suit the scene that the party is being accomplished in.
Composure – In its place of wasting your precious time coordinating different parts of your party together, services of office party can take proper care of every part of your business party. You would be capable of calling one service provider and getting your drinks, food, and desserts delivered to your workplace without any tension about the party plans. You would not need to take any of your workers away from their job to assist you to plan the party, as all of the planning can be completed by only one person, once you have a professional caterer’s team to help you.
Composure, pricing and presentation are three ways that professional services providers can help make your party an exciting and tension free event. Their services can be utilized for any more events than just business parties. You can use the services at birthday parties, wedding receptions, and any other special events also. The business catering service will be adequate to stick to your requirements, whatever they may be. In its place of having to load yourself with the pressures that come from feeding a huge people’s group, let anyone else complete the work on your behalf.

 A Few Factors To Look For While Hiring Catering Service For Corporate Events

The catering services for corporate events differ a lot from traditional catering services. You should be more careful when you are in-charge of hiring the best catering service for the corporate or office event. There are some factors that can eliminate the confusions while the selection is done. Let’s talk about those key factors:

What is the budget of the corporate event?

The budget of the event determines how much your business can afford for the catering service. Before you hire the corporate catering service, you should set some preliminary budget. The budget may differ by 10%, but certainly not more than that. Keeping the reputation and quality of the catering service, you should start sorting out one by one.

Assurance of quality and experience

In a corporate party, personal attention should be definitely given to the delegates or invitees. Usually, CEO or Presidents of other major businesses are invited in the party and so special care should be taken on hospitality and food arrangement. You as the representative of the business should ensure that corporate catering in Brisbane CBD company has the hallmark of quality. Deal with someone who has enough experience in dealing such high-class parties.

Understanding all the needs

If you hiring the catering service for lunch or for dinner, they should certainly understand the need of the event and accordingly prepare the foods. Clients and delegates should be given special attention according to their requirements. Enough food should be prepared for the guests maintaining the quality. Visit this link if you are looking for christmas party venues.

How good are they in the service?

You should try the foods prepared by the company during hiring them. The catering service should have good team that expertise in preparing foods and serving them. If the service has some signature dish, you should definitely introduce that dish in the menu. Ask the service about the options/ menu that can be brilliant for the event. Make sure the catering service also takes the responsibility for serving wines and exceptional desserts at the end.

Decoration on the food table

The food tables should be well decorated for the guests. The catering service should have a big team so that personal care can be taken for each guests and delegates during the dining.

The well groomed staffs

Well, the company should have proper dress code and well groomed catering staffs. Unique dress code makes the event more beautiful

So, consider these few things while you decide a service for the upcoming corporate event. You as the management of the event should ensure everything goes spotlessly. Such events have huge impact on the business so put your best effort in making the party a successful one.