How to Throw A Housewarming Party


If you have just moved into a new house and into a new neighborhood, there is no better way of getting to know your neighbors rather than throwing a housewarming party. If you are squeezed dry money wise from the move, it is no necessity to throw a housewarming party but it will definitely help you to get to know our neighbors better. Everyone knows that adjusting to a new home or a new crowd is hard but having a good friend in the crowd will definitely help ease the tension so even if you only form a friendship with one person at the end of the night, you won’t regret your decision.

At an ideal housewarming, the drinks will be flowing and finger foods will be served with a hint of fun conversation sweeping the air so there are some major factors to consider when planning a housewarming party which is why, the list of tips we have assembled will come in handy when you are planning your housewarming party,

Tidy up your home

This is the initial step when planning a housewarming party because the whole purpose of this kind of party is to introduce your friends to your new house and I’m guessing, you would want the place to look like a whirlwind. If you have only recently moved in then give yourself some time to finish decorating the spaces and do it quickly but efficiently.

If you have any unboxed goodies, unveil them all and set them down on their respective places and be sure to throw those cardboard boxes away or store them in the storage room.

Offer a tour of the house

I mentioned before that the whole purpose of a housewarming party is to introduce your new home to our friends and this couldn’t be more true which is why when the guests have had a couple of hors d’eouvres and a glass of wine, offer to give them a tour of your beautiful new home. You’re also bound to receive a lot of compliments on your house so be ready to accept them gracefully so that even though your whole motive when throwing this party was to make your ex-boss jealous, others will not find out about that.

Hire professionals for food

If you’ve got many things on your plate besides making food and throwing a housewarming party, hire professionals to make your food for you. If you want to go all out and invite every house on the block or just a few houses and some family, they’d know just how to please all these hungry individuals.

You can look into such professionals by running a quick internet search. For an example, you could type in the words party catering Canberra, if you live in that city and get a lot of options for such professionals.

To be honest, an online search for good catering companies Canberra won’t even be necessary if you’re throwing a small scale party and a small scale party is the best way to go in times like these but if you do want a big party, nobody will be stopping you.
The tips and tricks mentioned above will help you throw the best housewarming party ever known to mankind.